Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry

As stated in the Central Louisiana Continuum of Care Governance Charter, the Coordinated Entry Committee works to insure that the Continuum's system of care meets the needs of the homeless population by seeking to implement comprehesive prevention, outreach, engagement, assessment, shelter, transitional housing, and permanent housing strategies throughout the geographic area.  The committee developes written standards for assessment and program admissions, as well as identify ongoing gaps or barriers to housing, housing choice, and services that limit the ability of homeless persons' access to and sustainability of stable housing.  Specific work of this committee centers on implementing plans that will further fair housing, prevent involuntary separation of families experiencing homelessness, and to collaborate with the Louisiana Department of Education officials, homeless liaisons, and others associated with local school systems to maximize the availiability of HUD McKinney resources for families with school age children. 

The CE Committee is responsible for oversight related to meeting the HUD mandate for a "coordinated or centralized intake and assessment" [578.7(a)(8)] and for developing and overseeing the sub-committees on Ending Veteran Homelessness, Point-in-Time Count, and Faith Connect.

The CE Committee meets quarterly to review obstacles in housing individuals or families on the Participant Priority Listing, discuss additional housing/service resources within the continuum, receive updates from the above mentioned sub-committees, and consider any other homelessness needs within the community.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Kyle McGee at KyleM@cenlahomeless.org

Committee Chairperson:  TBD
Committee Members:  Bradley Allison (Veteran's Affairs), Tanya Thompson (Veteran's Affairs), Tiffany Crooks (Volunteers of America), Chrystal Deselle (Volunteers of America), Celeste Brown (Volunteers of America), Shondriaka Cheatam (Alexandria Housing Authority), Joseph Buzzetta (Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition), Kyle McGee (Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition), Ronald Dejoie (Inner-City Revitalization), Mary Jane Soprano, and Rachel Tate

*If you or someone you know is need of homelessness services, please call 211 or contact a Coordinated Entry Access Point.