As stated in the Central Louisiana Continuum of Care Governance Charter, the Membership and Rules Committee provides checks and balances for the Continuum, adopting policies which establish rules related to conflict of interest and recusal, as well as code of conduct provisions for all members.  It oversees the implementation and interpretation of these policies.  The committee assists in board selection, assuring proper qualifications and geographical diversity is practiced.  It also acts on complaints filed against the Continuum and reports recommended actions to the Board.

The Membership and Rules Committee meets semiannually to review policies and charters and discuss possible improvements to their implementation.  The committee may meet more often, if necessary.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Teresa Basco at Teresa.Basco@la.gov.

Committee Chairperson:  Teresa Basco (Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management)

Committee Members:  Debbie Bradford (Community Healthworx), Shirley Branham (City of Alexandria), Jessica Sunderhaus (Office of Congressman Ralph Abraham)

Meeting Information:

July 17, 2018
January 16, 2019



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